Candle wick holders
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Metal candle holders

In Gran Velada you can buy wick holders for metal candles. They are sturdy and easy to use and help the wick stay straight and firm, preventing it from twisting when pouring the paraffin. With candle wick holders you will ensure that your wick remains vertical and burns better.

Candle wick holders are sold in packs of different quantities. We have bulk sales so you can choose the amount you prefer depending on the number of candles you want to make.

Homemade candle holders

The wick holders for homemade candles are especially suitable for making candles in containers, although they can also be used in other elaborations, such as candles or liturgical candles.
These are the technical characteristics of the wick holders for homemade candles:

  • Product description: metal and round eyelets, with a hole in the center that protrudes, into which the wick is inserted so that it remains straight.
  • Measurement:
    Diameter: 1.5 cm
    Height: 0,5 cm
  • Material: metal

How to use wick holders for candles

Take note of how to use candle wick holders! You will see that they are very simple to use and it is a very comfortable way to place the wick.

  1. 1. Cut the wick to the appropriate size and insert it into the wick holder.
    2. Hold the metal eyelet well to the wick by pressing with pliers.
    3. Place the eyelet with the wick at the bottom of the container well centered and pour a little molten wax to fix it. It can also be fastened with silicone.
    4. When it has dried fill with the rest of the melted wax. To make the wick perfectly centered, a wick holder can be placed on top.

This is the easiest way to use candle wick holders, although there are other ways to do it. Discover them all in our blog Make Candles! There you will find dozens of recipes to put into practice.

Where to buy wick holders for candles?

In you can buy wick holders for candles in bulk. Choose the quantity you need and process the order through our online store. Fast shipping. Wholesale and retail.

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