Liquid vanilla candle coloring concentrate
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Concentrated liquid candle coloring

High concentration liquid dye is used to color candles. It is a product in liquid presentation, easy to handle, since it can be dosed and can be incorporated directly into the melted wax without any problem. In Gran Velada you can find a wide range of colors for sailing. Choose the ones you like and build your kit!

Among the benefits of concentrated liquid dye are:

  • It does not obstruct the wick.
  • Intense and vivid colors are obtained.
  • It has great stability.
  • No lumps, sediments, or colored particles are formed.
  • It yields a lot.

Premium GV liquid dyes

The liquid dye for candles is part of a collection of premium GV dye, whose catalog can be found in the online store of Gran Velada Mexico. This colorant has a great performance when making homemade candles.

It is practical, has high stability and good performance. So you can easily mix to create unique shades. With just 2 drops of concentrated liquid candle coloring, you can color 100 g of wax. So create more projects that make you stand out!

Step by step to use concentrated liquid dyes

Here is the step by step to use the liquid dyes for concentrated candles of Gran Velada.

  • Shake the liquid concentrated dye in its own container to unify it.
  • Melt the wax you are going to use in a container at low temperature.
  • When it has melted, add the dye. As a tip: pour little by little while stirring so that the color is homogeneous throughout the wax. Add more colorant until you get the desired tone without saturating the candle.

The way to check how the final tone of the candle will look is to pour a drop of colored wax on a cold surface. When drying quickly you can see the tone. The final effect will be a little darker, since there is more wax, it will be more opaque.

A simple way to bring your candles to life is with this concentrated liquid coloring. But if you still have doubts, check out the blog Making candles that has interesting information that could be of great help.

Buy liquid dyes for concentrated candles

If you want to give color to your candles in Gran Velada you can find it. Just select the concentrated liquid candle coloring, as well as the colors you require and buy quickly and easily. In a couple of days you will have it at the door of your house to make homemade candles.

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