Concentrated coral liquid candle coloring
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Concentrated liquid dyes

Super concentrated coloring for making candles. It is sold in liquid format and can be added directly to the molten wax without the need to disperse. Easy and very convenient to use! In addition to this color, in the Gran Velada online store you will find a wide palette of concentrated liquid dyes for candles. Choose your favorite!

What are the advantages of concentrated liquid dyes?

  • They do not leave lumps or specks of color
    High stability
    Vivid and very intense colors are achieved
    Do not obstruct the wick
    They spread a lot

Premium GV dyes

This product is part of the collection of premium GV dyes, an exclusive catalog that you will only find in our online store. This colorant offers optimal performance when making your own handmade candles. It also stands out for its high stability. From the technical point of view it meets all the conditions and requirements and also has a nice color.

Get our exclusive dyes and make the most of them! It is very concentrated and spreads a lot, so it will serve you for multiple uses. In fact, with 2 drops of this concentrated liquid coloring you can color up to 100 g of wax, although you can add more if you are looking for greater intensity. So imagine how many candles you can color with it!

How to use concentrated liquid dyes

Below we show you step by step how to use the concentrated liquid dyes of Gran Velada. You will see that it is easy and very comfortable!

  1. 1. Shake the coloring well in its own container to unify it.
    2. Melt the wax that you are going to use in the preparation in a soup at a mild temperature.
    3. When it has melted, add the dye. Our advice: do it drop by drop and, while you add it, do not stop stirring until the color is homogeneous. Add dye until you get the desired tone but do not saturate the candles because it can influence when lighting them.

The way to check how the final tone of your candle will look is to put a drop of colored wax on a cold surface. It will dry instantly and you will be able to see the tone. The final effect will be a little darker, because having more wax will be more opaque.

You see that using these concentrated liquid dyes is very simple and you will get great results, so let's get to work! In our blog Make Candles you can see step-by-step tutorials and you will find information that you will find very practical.

Where to buy liquid concentrated candle dyes?

In the Gran Velada online store you can buy concentrated liquid candle dyes. To place the order you just have to select the quantity you need, add it to the cart and process the purchase. In a few days you will receive them at the indicated address, so fast, easy and comfortable. Here you will also find all the materials you need to make your own candles. Different payment methods. Fast shipping.

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