Perfumed Ceramic Making Kit. Materials and Instructions
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Perfumed Ceramic

With the DIY perfumed ceramic air freshener kit, you'll learn how to make air fresheners easily, in a fun and cost-effective way. Follow the kit's instructions, and you'll create beautiful air fresheners to perfume your closets, car, or any room in your home. The dimensions of this original air freshener are approximately 8.5 cm tall by 7 cm wide.

Simply mix the resin with water, let it dry, and decorate it with the ribbon. To finish, spray the surface of the heart-shaped ceramic with the scented essence, and the aroma will disperse gradually. Isn't it easy?

Materials for Making Perfumed Ceramic

The following materials for making perfumed ceramic come with the Gran Velada kit:

1 kg of water-based resin

Vintage angel silicone molds (2 units)

50 ml scented lotus flower essence with spray bottle (Please note that the aroma may vary based on availability)

Decorative ribbon (5 m)

In addition to these materials, you'll need water. With this kit, you'll be able to make 7 lovely heart-shaped perfumed ceramics with a vintage angel relief. Choose this kit and create charming air fresheners.

How to Make Perfumed Ceramic

Discover how to make perfumed ceramic with the recipe and kit from Gran Velada. The step-by-step process is straightforward, making it perfect if you're new to the world of crafting:

  • Mix 140 g of resin with 39 ml of water until you achieve a homogeneous and lump-free mixture.
  • Fill the mold and wait for it to dry before unmolding.
  • Decorate the perfumed ceramic figure with the ribbon.
  • Spray the scented essence on the backside of the figure and let it dry.

Now that you know how to make perfumed ceramic, it's time to put it into practice!

Where to Buy Perfumed Ceramic Kit?

You can buy the perfumed ceramic kit at the Gran Velada online store. Place your order conveniently from home and receive it in just a few days. If you're passionate about crafting, you'll discover dozens of kits in our store to enjoy your creativity.

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