Perfumed Wax Making Kit. Materials and Instructions
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Perfumed Wax

Discover how easy it is to make perfumed wax with this kit! You'll create beautiful heart-shaped figures to fragrance your home. With all the wax included in the kit, you can make approximately 75 scented hearts. Each heart requires about 12g of wax.

To use the perfumed wax, place it on top of an oil burner and light a tea light candle underneath. The gentle heat will melt the perfumed wax figure, releasing a delightful aroma.

In addition to scenting your home, these perfumed wax figures make a fantastic gifting option. You'll have an original and budget-friendly present. For an attractive packaging, place a few hearts in an organza bag and personalize it with, for instance, a hanging cardboard tag. It's a quick, eye-catching, and practical gift. So why wait? Start making perfumed wax now!

Making Perfumed Wax

In the kit, you'll find the following materials for making perfumed wax:

  • Perfumed wax for burners (900g)
  • Surprise scented fragrances (30ml each, three different scents)
  • Concentrated liquid candle dyes: nude, mint, and grape (5ml each)
  • "Magic Hearts" molds (2 with 5 cavities each)

The kit includes three different scented fragrances and three dyes, providing you with a variety of options to make perfumed wax. You can create approximately 75 hearts by combining different scents and colors.

How to Make Perfumed Wax

Follow these steps to make perfumed wax with this Gran Velada kit. The detailed step-by-step recipe will be included in the kit. Just follow the instructions, and you'll see how easy it is!

  • Melt the wax in a saucepan over gentle heat. Important! Do not use the saucepan for cooking afterward.
  • Add a few drops of one of the liquid dyes and mix well until the wax is fully colored.
  • Add scented fragrance to your liking and stir.
  • Fill the molds and allow the perfumed wax figures to dry completely before unmolding.
  • Repeat the process, changing the dye and fragrance, until you've made all the wax figures. It's an enjoyable process, and you'll have wonderful scented wax for your home and for gifting.

Where to Buy Perfumed Wax Kit?

You can buy the perfumed wax kit at Gran Velada's online store. Simply indicate the quantity you need and place your order through our website. Additionally, at you'll find dozens of DIY and crafting-related kits. Explore them all!

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