Glycerin soap starter kit
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Utensils for making glycerin soaps

This starter kit for glycerin soaps contains the materials that cannot be missing when making them at home. It is ideal for those who are starting out in this exciting world. In this kit you will find the main utensils to make glycerin soaps. You will see how practical it is!

When buying this starter kit to glycerin soaps you can choose if you also want to receive the book "Handmade soaps", with everything you need to know to make them at home. It also includes step-by-step recipes that you can easily put into practice. It is the perfect complement to this kit! As a gift we include a concentrated liquid coloring to color your DIY soaps.

Kit of utensils for glycerin soaps

Here's what's in the wielding kit for making glycerin soaps:

  • Heart silicone mold
    Tubular plastic mold 7,5x12 cm
    Mold 6 oval tablets
    Alcohol 96º (250 ml)
    50 ml bottle with spray
    Soap King or Queen Apron (The color of the apron and letters may vary according to stock)
    500 ml plastic jug
    Great evening hat
    Soap cutter
    Silicone spatula
    Release agent (50 ml)

Set of utensils for glycerin soaps

What are the materials included in our glycerin soap utensils set used for? Here is a brief description of each of them:

  • Molds: they will help you shape your soaps. We include several models so you can implement different recipes.
    Alcohol 96º + sprayer: you must fill the bottle with 96º alcohol and spray when you have the soap in the mold. In this way there will be no bubbles. It is also used to glue soaps.
    Plastic jug: very practical for melting soap in the microwave.
    Silicone spatula: ideal for stirring and making your mixtures.
    Hat, gloves and apron: very useful to work comfortably and safely.
    Release agent: used in plastic molds to prevent soap from sticking. You have to spread it very well with kitchen paper, for example.
    Soap cutter: essential if you plan to make soaps stick, as it will allow you to cut them comfortably.

Where to buy starter kit glycerin soaps?

Go to and you can buy the starter kit for glycerin soaps. It is a complete "all inclusive" kit with the basic materials you will need to make your elaborations at home. Fast shipping. Different payment methods.

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