Candle Mold Water Drop
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Silicone Mold for Candles  Water Drop

Silicone water drop mold with grid, perfect for making candles and other crafts. This mold represents a water drop shape with a unique grid surface. Get your hands on it and unleash your creativity! You'll achieve beautiful candles to decorate your home, sell, or give as gifts.

This mold is characterized by being non-stick and flexible, making it very comfortable when demolding pieces. It also stands out for its strength and durability. To keep it like new, be sure to clean it thoroughly after each use and store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Candle Making Mold

This candle making mold is one of the essential tools for the craft. Additionally, you'll need:

  • Wax or paraffin
  • Aromatic essence
  • Liquid candle dye
  • Waxed wick

For this type of candle, our recommendation is to use GV-20 wax.

It's specially recommended for making candles in silicone molds and will help you achieve intricate, detailed figures. It's high-quality wax that delivers excellent results. Plus, it's easy to work with and doesn't require prior experience.

As for the aromatic essence, you can choose your favorite scent. For coloring candles, we advise opting for liquid candle dyes. They're easy to use and produce great results. Moreover, they're available in a wide range of colors. You'll find a variety of concentrated liquid dyes that go a long way and offer great value.

Another option? You can create candles in a neutral color and decorate them using paints and varnishes for candles, also available in our online store. The outcome will be spectacular! Embrace the artisanal approach and achieve unique, personalized creations.

To choose the wick, consider the diameter or width of the figure you're creating. Depending on the size, you should choose a suitable wick. Also, take into account the melting point of the wax and whether additives are used.

You'll find all the candle making materials you need on the Gran Velada online store.

How to Make Water drop Homemade Candles

Next, we'll show you step by step how to make homemade candles using this mold. You'll see how simple it is!

Melt the wax in a pot over low heat. When there are small pieces left to melt, turn off the heat and let the residual warmth complete the melting.

Meanwhile, thread the wick through the mold. Insert it through the hole at the base and secure it at the top with a wick holder. It's the easiest way to position the wick. If your mold doesn't have a hole, you can easily create one using a pointed object.

Add liquid dye and a few drops of aromatic essence to the melted wax and mix well to integrate. It's important not to oversaturate the candles with color or scent. Keep in mind that if too much is added, the wax won't absorb them well.

Fill the mold and let it dry completely. Avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes, as they can cause unevenness.

Remove the candle from the mold, trim the excess wick, and decorate it to your liking. Ready to use!

If you want to see a detailed guide on how to make homemade candles, visit our blog at for endless ideas. You can also download our free manual, which offers practical information for venturing into this wonderful world. Click on this link to download it for free. It will be a valuable resource for your candle-making endeavors.

Where to Buy Water drop Candle Molds?

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