Emerald green liquid colorant for glycerin soap
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Liquid dyes for glycerin soaps

The liquid dyes for glycerin soaps that you can buy at Gran Velada are water-soluble and are sold ready to incorporate into your recipes. They are very simple and comfortable when working! And with them you will get glycerin soaps of spectacular colors.

In Gran Velada you have at your disposal a complete palette of liquid dyes so you can shape your creations. Dozens of shades to choose from! To place your order you just have to select the quantity you want and process it online, so easy, fast and convenient. Make your purchase now and we will send the liquid colors for glycerin soaps to the indicated address!

Dyes for glycerin soap

When using liquid dyes for glycerin soaps, an important factor must be taken into account, and that is that the tone and intensity of color will depend on the amount of dye that is added and the glycerin soap base chosen.

  • Vivid and bright shades: transparent glycerin bases or crystal.
    Pastel and light shades: opaque or white glycerin bases.

To get bright and bright colors you have to use a crystal soap base. These are transparent bases that result in translucent glycerin soaps with bold colors. With opaque or white bases the tones will be pastel, since the white that carries the base turns off the colors. Both bases can also be combined to achieve intermediate tones.

You see that playing with the different bases and adding more or less amount of dyes you can achieve unique handmade soaps of the most spectacular.

Dyes for glycerin soap are dispersed in an aqueous medium, so it is not recommended to use them to make soaps of various colors, inclusions or the marbling technique. Keep in mind that they will end up mixing with each other. To implement these techniques, non-migrating dyes must be used for glycerin soaps.

How to color glycerin soaps

Coloring glycerin soaps is very easy and affordable with these liquid dyes that you can buy in our online store. Before using them, remember that it is advisable to shake them so that the dyes are perfectly dispersed and unified. Let's get to work!

  1. 1. Melt the base of glycerin soap, without boiling.
    2. When the soap is melted, add the coloring little by little. Add a few drops, mix well and incorporate more quantity if you want it to be more intense color. It is always better to add little by little until you get the desired tonality.
    3. Stir well so that the color is uniform and well dispersed.

In this simple way you can color your glycerin soaps! Once you have them colored, all that remains is to incorporate a few drops of aromatic essence and shape it with the chosen mold. You will see that the results are spectacular!

Where to buy liquid dyes for glycerin soaps?

In www.granvelada.com you can buy liquid dyes for glycerin soaps. Also here you will find the rest of the ingredients you need to prepare soaps at home. Quality and good price! Different payment methods. Fast shipping.

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