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In Gran Velada you can buy demineralized water for your handmade soaps and crafts. It is a water free of cations and anions, hence it is ideal for making oil soaps and many other formulations, since you will avoid unwanted reactions.

The demineralized or deionized water you can buy here has undergone ion exchange, a process that allows water to seepage. In this way, all types of particles are removed, such as magnesium, potassium, aluminum, copper or calcium that harden water. The result is a water without smell, minerals and salts, perfect for your DIY creations.

If you are looking for where to buy demineralized water, access the Gran Velada online store and process the order online quickly, comfortably and safely. The best quality at a good price. Here you can buy demineralized water wholesale and retail with quantity discounts already applied.

What is demineralized water

Do you know what demineralized water is? The water that is obtained after an ion exchange process that is carried out by means of resins. The result is a water free of salts and minerals, perfect for use in the preparation of handmade soaps, in this way you ensure that there will be no reactions with color, aroma or other problems that may arise if you use tap water.

Demineralized water or distilled water

A very frequent doubt is whether distilled or demineralized water is the same and the answer is no. The main difference lies in the method of obtaining and this makes the purity also different.

Demineralized water is free of cations and anions, that is, it does not contain minerals or salts thanks to the process to which it has been subjected. It can be obtained by different methods such as reverse osmosis or ion exchange.

Meanwhile, the distilled water is subjected to high temperatures until it evaporates (distillation), to pass that steam through a cooling system and return it to the liquid state. It is, therefore, much purer.

To make soaps our recommendation is that you opt for demineralized water, as it does not contain salts or minerals that can alter the saponification process. Value for money is the best option to make this elaboration.

Demineralized water properties

Below we detail the main properties of demineralized water that you can buy in Gran Velada.

  • pH at the exit of the mixed bed column: approx 7
  • Conductivity at mixed bed outlet: 0.5 – 5
  • Silica content: max. 1 ppm
  • Chlorides: negligible
  • Solids: negligible
  • Hardness: 0.28ºF

Demineralized water uses

The uses of demineralized water are very varied, and it is used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes, since this will prevent unexpected reactions with any of the ingredients.

It is ideal for making handmade soaps, but can also be used in a wide range of crafts, such as air fresheners, scented ceramic figures, magnets for the fridge ... As you can see, its applications are very varied. Get it now and start with your handcrafted creations!

Cosmetic demineralized water

Demineralized water is cosmetic is mainly used in the manufacture of handmade soaps. Of course, for the elaboration of other types of products, such as creams, masks or serums, our recommendation is that you opt for purified water. The reason? It is free of salts, minerals and heavy metals and also contains no microorganisms. In this way you will avoid possible contamination.

Note: According to regulation 1272/2008  CLP and its amendments, this product is not dangerous, so it does not have a Safety Data Sheet.

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