Small rose ball mold for making candles
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Are you looking for molds to create unique and decorative candles? At Gran Velada, you'll discover an extensive catalog with hundreds of different models of silicone molds for candles, available in various shapes and sizes.

With silicone molds, the candle-making process becomes much simpler and faster. This is primarily because these molds are very easy to demold and do not require significant effort or the use of release agents, as is the case with plastic or metal molds. You simply need to pour the wax into the mold, wait until it cools, and then extract the candle by applying slight pressure. It's that simple.

Furthermore, silicone molds allow us to create highly detailed and incredibly shaped decorative candles, which would be impossible to achieve with other types of molds.

Silicone molds for candles are primarily known for four characteristics:

  • Elasticity and flexibility provided by silicone. This translates into easy demolding of candles without significant effort, preventing the loss of small details of the figure.
  • No need to use a release agent.
  • Resistance to high temperatures of wax or paraffin during candle making without deforming or deteriorating.
  • They can be used for a long time, as long as they are handled with care.

Crafting Mold

You can also use this mold for various other crafts, such as plaster figures, resin, cement, soaps, and more. Here are approximate quantities you'll need to make figures with this mold using different raw materials:

  • Plaster: Approx. 320 g
  • Cement: Approx. 400 g
  • Water-based resin: Approx. 415 g
  • Glycerin soap base: Approx. 240 g

What should I do to keep my molds in perfect condition? Here are some recommendations to follow if you want to maintain your silicone molds like new:

Wash the mold with water and a soft sponge after each use. You can use a bit of soap or detergent.

Thoroughly dry the mold after washing it.

Store the molds in a dark place, away from direct sunlight, and where there is no humidity.

Avoid using sharp or cutting tools to demold the candles that could damage your mold.

In the Gran Velada catalog, you'll find hundreds of silicone molds for making candles, with various unique shapes and themes. From molds for Christmas candles, Halloween, communion, wedding, or baptism favors, to souvenirs for businesses... Everything you can imagine is available in our catalog.

Don't hesitate to browse through all these silicone molds and discover the fascinating world of handmade candles, a fun hobby that you can even turn into a small business to earn some extra income.

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