Marine soap mold
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Marine silicone mold

With our marine silicone mold you can create up to 12 different figures using a single mold: seahorses, shells, snails and starfish. It is specially designed to make soaps or plaster figures. It is not suitable for food use.

The main characteristic of this marine silicone mold is that it is a mold with great flexibility, which facilitates the unmolding of soaps. They are also durable and very resistant, withstanding temperatures of more than 200ºC.

Marine Figure Soaps

Marine figure soaps are perfect for bathroom decoration, to place in a soap dish next to the sink or bathtub. They have an approximate size of about 4 or 5 cm (depending on the figure, they are indicative measures), and will look great in wicker baskets and glass vases combined with seashells, corals or other natural elements.

With this mold to make soaps of marine figures you will get 12 different soaps in each use. They are a very economical option to make original details of communion or baptism.

Make glycerin soap figures

Making glycerin soap figures with marine motifs is a very fun and appropriate craft to make with the little ones. With very little you will get 12 different sea soaps per mold. You will only need approximately 120gr of glycerin-based soap, coloring and aromatic essence. Melt the soap in the microwave without boiling, mix it with the coloring and essence and pour the mixture over the mold. Once it is very dry you can easily unmold it.

To make glycerin soap figures you can opt for any type of glycerin-based soap but, in this case, the marine figures will look great if you use crystal glycerin base soap, which will give it greater brightness and luminosity.

Where to buy marine silicone mold?

On the Gran Velada website you will find where to buy marine silicone mold to make your handmade soaps. Place your order online today and receive it at your home in no time. Fast shipments to Spain and EU.

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