Talisman mold for prosperity
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Talisman for prosperity

Get with this mold a real talisman for prosperity and manage to attract fortune and abundance to our lives, protecting us from economic bad luck.

It has the perfect size so that you can always carry the talisman for prosperity with you, since it will take in pockets, bags or you can even carry it knotted around your neck as a pendant. The important thing is that you always have it close to you.

Buddha Talisman

From Gran Velada we want to offer you this Buddha talisman mold with which to make talismans to achieve prosperity and abundance. It is a silicone mold, rectangular in shape and presents in relief the profile face of a Buddha.

The Buddha talisman mold is a mold made entirely of silicone, which gives it great flexibility. In addition to being very durable and resistant, it can be used with all kinds of materials such as resins, waxes, paraffins, plaster, soap or cement. It resists high temperatures and to keep it as new it should be cleaned well after each use and stored in a dry and dark place.

How to make talismans for money?

How to make talismans for money and prosperity? As we have said, this type of molds can be used with any type of material, but we are going to opt for using water-based resin, a material more resistant than plaster and faster drying.

Prepare the mixture as indicated by the manufacturer and fill the mold with it. After about 15 - 20 minutes we can unmold the talisman, and after about 8 hours it will be completely dry. This is one of the options that exist on how to make talismans for money.

Where to buy talisman mold for prosperity?

To buy talisman mold for prosperity you will only have to register on the website of Gran Velada and place your order online. In a very short time you will receive it at the address you indicate. Fast shipments to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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