Talisman mold for luck
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Talisman good luck

This mold for talisman good luck presents a wavy shape similar to a silhouette or cloud of smoke, in the center is the image of a Buddha in relief and at each of the ends there is a hole through which we can pass a cord to hang it.

It is important to always carry with us the talisman of good luck, so that it is effective, so we can turn it into a pendant or a keychain.

Buddha for luck

Traditionally it has been related to the figure of Buddha for luck, to attract or recover it in negative moments of our lives, so we want that with this mold you can develop a talisman that helps us surround ourselves with positive energy and thus attract good luck.

The Buddha talisman mold for luck is made of silicone, which means that it is a mold with great flexibility and non-stick, to facilitate the unmolding of talismans without using release agent, as well as resistant to high temperatures and very durable.

How to make lucky talismans

From Gran Velada we want to show you how to make lucky talismans with this beautiful mold. We can use as materials both plasters and resins to water. The elaboration process will be the same, and only the drying period will vary, since the plaster takes longer than the resin to be completely dry. Prepare the mixture and pour it over the mold, and let it dry completely before unmolding.

We can add to our amulet a few drops of aromatic essences such as amber, cinnamon or lavender, essences that are traditionally associated with good luck. In any case, the first step of how to make lucky talismans is to get away from negative thoughts and energies that do not spoil our goals.

Where to buy talisman mold for luck?

In Gran Velada you can buy talisman molds for luck. Place your order online and receive it in no time. Fast deliveries to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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