Talisman mold for love
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Talisman for love

In Gran Velada we put at your disposal all the materials so that you can make your own talisman for love at home. What will you need? You can not miss a good mold. In this case we present this silicone mold that represents Buddha with lotus flower.

In addition, to make a talisman for love you will have to make yourself with exaduro plaster or resin in water. With any of these two materials that you can buy in Gran Velada you will get good results.

If you want you can customize your talisman for love with some of the essences that you will find in our online store and with a mineral pigment. This is one of the great advantages of making a talisman for homemade love, which you can do according to your tastes and needs.

Buddha with lotus flower

In this mold to make your talisman appears Buddha with lotus flower. You will get an oval talisman with the figure of this Buddha in relief. The buddha with lotus flower appears meditating and carries a lotus flower in one of his hands.

This Buddha is associated with universal and unconditional love, not only couple, but also family and friendship. That is why it is ideal to make a talisman for love.

How to make a talisman for love?

Learn how to make a talisman for love with this simple step by step. It won't take you long to do it and the result is worth it:

  • 1. Mix the chosen material (plaster or resin in water, for example) with water in the indicated amount. Stir well until a homogeneous dough is obtained.
  • 2. To this mixture we can add a couple of drops of aromatic essence and mineral pigments to give it a touch of color.
  • 3. Fill the mold and wait for it to dry to unmold.
  • 4. Place a cotton cord and ready to ignite.

With this tutorial you will see how to make a talisman for love is easy and affordable, dare to try!

Where to buy talisman mold for love?

In Gran Velada you will find where to buy talisman mold for love. Access our online store and place your order online. In addition to this mold, we have many others to make different types of talismans and amulets. Choose the one that best suits your needs! Fast deliveries.

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