Turquoise soap paint
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Cosmetic paints for soap

Gran Velada's cosmetic paints for soap are ideal for creating decorative soaps and highlighting the details of the bars. They are not recommended for large soap surfaces, as that's where colorants come in. Keep in mind that these are decorative paints, so once the soap is used, the colors will fade.

Soap paints are used to emphasize the reliefs of the bars or to write and draw as you please. For instance, you can create unique wedding details by writing the names of the couple and the wedding date on the soap bars or even personalize them for each guest. With your imagination and creativity combined with our paints, you'll achieve excellent designs.

They are also perfect for making soaps with kids, as creating and decorating them can be a fun family activity. The little ones will have a blast making and decorating their own soaps.

How to use soap paints?

Using soap paints is simple and lots of fun. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Before you begin, make sure the soaps are completely dry.

Shake the closed bottle well to disperse the color particles.

Dip a fine brush into the paint and color the areas you want to highlight.

Allow it to dry.

Spray cosmetic lacquer onto the soap surface from a minimum distance of 30 cm. This will help the paint adhere better and prevent smudging upon touch.

You can find tutorials on how to use soap paints on the Hacer Jabones (Soap Making) blog. You'll see that it's very straightforward and these tutorials will inspire you to create your own designs.

Where to buy soap paints?

Visit the Gran Velada online store and you'll find where to buy soap paints, available in a wide range of colors. At www.granvelada.com, we offer soap paint for sale. To place your online order, simply select the paints you like, indicate the quantity you need, and proceed with the purchase. You can buy multiple colors of our paints to create your own blends and achieve exclusive shades.

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