White pearling liquid
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Pearl for soap, gel and shampoo

The pearlescent liquid or pearlescent liquid is a mixture of ether-sulfates of fatty alcohols with pearlescent and reviving substances. You can use pearlescent liquid to add pearly effect to your shampoo, glycerin soap, bath gels or homemade liquid soap. With this pearly pigment you can get pearl effect in all your cleaning and body hygiene products.

This solution is ideal for a soapy medium as the particles are kept suspended in the mixture. Make your natural cosmetic creations have a special shine using this pearly color. Give your soaps, gels and shampoo in our transparent bottles so that the precious pearl effect can be better appreciated. In addition, you can customize each bottle of gel, shampoo or soap with our beautiful and original stickers.

Cosmetic applications of the pearlescent liquid

  • Glycerin soap (Perfect finish in Crystal Bases).
  • Homemade liquid soap
  • Shampoo
  • Hand soap
  • Shower gel
  • Foam baths

How to use pearl liquid

Using this pearly white liquid is very simple. Just mix it in the recommended dose of 3 to 10%. That is, of every 100 grams of soap, shampoo or gel used, 3 to 10 grams should be of this pearly liquid.

In the case of glycerin soap, it must be melted previously to combine it with this pearly pigment. Once together the soapy part (soap, shampoo or gel) and the mother-of-pearl liquid would simply be removed until they were completely mixed.

Cold pearlescent can be incorporated perfectly.

Characteristics of the pearlescent liquid

Product description: very viscous emulsion, white, with pearlescent gloss.

Solubility: miscible with detergent substances.

Active substance: 45 – 47 %

pH (10% solution): 6.5 – 7.5

Recommended dosage: 3-10%

Storage and conservation: protect from light and keep in tightly closed containers.

Descarga aquí la documentación

Safety data sheet Download (176.53k)

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