Flamingo stickers
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Flamingo labels

Summery, youthful and very showy. These are the flamingo labels that you can buy in Gran Velada, a model created exclusively by our design team. They are sold in blisters and each includes 12 different models.

Pink tones are the protagonists of these flamingo labels, although you will also find designs that have a touch of turquoise in the geometric pattern. These stickers are ideal for decorating containers, gifts or as scrap stickers.

Flamenco stickers

Flamenco stickers allow you to decorate gifts and packaging quickly, comfortably and economically. You will also be able to give them a very colorful touch. One idea: you can place them in a box or a kfrat paper envelope, take a few laps with a decorative ribbon that stands out, in blue tones for example, and put the label as a closure. The result will surprise!

With flamenco stickers you can also decorate scented candles in glasses, jars of mikado air fresheners or homemade cosmetic containers, such as gels. They will have a unique and most original finish.

Scrap stickers

If you are passionate about scrapbooking, check out these scrap stickers. In addition to beautiful and very showy are resistant to water and are printed on plastic paper. With them you can customize the photos of your vacation, the agenda and create unique designs.

Our scrap stickers adhere perfectly on many surfaces so they are very versatile. You can also use them, for example, to decorate and personalize party invitations.

Where to buy flamingo labels?

Enter the Gran Velada online store and buy these flamingo labels. It is sold in blisters, with 12 flamingos each. You can buy 10 blister packs and benefit from a significant discount. You just have to process the order online and we will send it to your home.

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