Non-bleeding Pure Blue Soap Dye Powder
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The powder pigments for glycerin soap available at Gran Velada are cosmetic-grade, high-quality, and yield excellent results. Their most important advantage: they don't migrate. This means that when making soaps with different colors, they won't blend together. The colors will remain stable and well-defined from each other.

Key Features:


Stable under light and high temperatures.

High tinting strength: you'll achieve intense colors with very little amount.

Less degradation over time.

How to use non-bleeding powder pigments?

Working with this type of pigments is straightforward and not overly complicated. For this, it's recommended to use a ceramic or glass mortar. Here, you'll dissolve a small pinch of pigment in a small amount of liquid glycerin or a few drops of 96% alcohol. It's crucial to grind it well so that the particles break and the color disperses, achieving greater pigmentation. Once alcohol and pigment are fully integrated, add it to the melted glycerin soap mixture and mix until the color is uniform.

Using powder pigments will save you on coloring, allowing you to make many more soaps since the amount of dye needed for a good color is minimal.

If you want to create soaps with different colors or using a marbling technique, it's essential to use non-bleeding pigments. This way, you'll ensure that the colors don't mix over time, maintaining the soap's appearance.

Feel free to visit our blog to discover various tutorials where we explain original techniques for using these pigments, as well as hundreds of ideas that will inspire you when creating your projects.

Where to buy powder pigments for glycerin soap?

At Gran Velada, you'll find a wide assortment of cosmetic-grade powder pigments for glycerin soap. They're sold by weight, so you just need to choose the color and desired quantity and place your order through our online store.

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