Starter Kit How to make Meringue Soap - Materials and Instructions
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Homemade Meringue Shaped Soaps

Discover how to make homemade meringue-shaped soaps with this all-inclusive kit. Inside, you'll find all the necessary materials and detailed step-by-step instructions to give shape to these unique soaps.

Get your hands on this exclusive kit from Gran Velada and enjoy crafting your own creations! The results are worth it. Plus, you'll learn a new technique for making these beautiful soaps.

Materials for Making Meringue Soaps 

These are the materials for making meringue soaps included in the "all-inclusive" kit from Gran Velada:

  • 1 kg of white glycerin soap base
  • 5 g of cosmetic-grade brown iron oxide mineral pigment
  • 5 g of powdered pink bubblegum soap pigment
  • 30 ml of Tutti Frutti scented fragrance oil
  • Large meringue-shaped silicone mold

With these materials and the step-by-step instructions we'll show you below, you'll be able to make about 6 meringue-shaped soaps at home. Once you've learned the technique, you can purchase the materials separately to continue making your beautiful creations. The mold will be reusable, allowing you to make as many meringue-shaped soaps as you wish! All the materials can be purchased from Gran Velada's online store.

How to Make Meringue Shaped Soap

Pay close attention to how to make meringue-shaped soaps. Remember that the kit includes instructions with the complete and detailed recipe, which you can always refer to:

  • Chop the glycerin soap base and melt 90g of it in the microwave at a low power setting. Important: It should not boil.
  • Add a few drops of scented fragrance oil to the melted soap and mix well.
  • Fill the mold up to the meringue design and spray 96% alcohol to remove bubbles and facilitate the adhesion of the second layer.
  • Melt 60g of soap base as explained before, and add a few drops of scented fragrance oil.
  • Disperse a pinch of brown mineral pigment with a few drops of 96% alcohol and mix it into the melted soap. Mix well.
  • Spray 96% alcohol over the first layer of soap and finish filling the mold. Spray alcohol again to remove any bubbles.
  • Allow the soap to dry completely and then unmold it.

If you want the frosting part of the soap to have a touch of color, simply add pink pigment in step 2. As the pigment is in powder form, it needs to be dispersed in a few drops of 96% alcohol beforehand. Crush the particles well until it becomes a homogeneous mixture, and then add it to the melted soap.

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