Polo bitten soap making kit. Materials and instructions
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Ice Cream Shaped Soaps

Making bite-shaped ice cream soaps will be very easy with this kit from Gran Velada. It includes all the necessary materials: soap, fragrance, colorants, molds... In addition, you will find the necessary packaging to make your homemade ice cream-shaped soaps look fantastic for gifting.

This kit for making ice cream-shaped soaps is a wonderful way to get started in the world of DIY soap making. It is convenient and easy since it also includes complete instructions. Get this kit and enjoy crafting your own creations!

Materials for Making Ice Cream Shaped Soaps

Here are the materials for making ice cream-shaped soaps that you will find in the Gran Velada kit:

White Glycerin Soap Base (1 kg)

Tutti Frutti Fragrance Oil (30 ml) (The scent may vary depending on availability)

Cosmetic-Grade Iron Oxide Brown Mineral Pigment (5 g)

Bubblegum Pink Powder Pigment for Soap (5 g)

10x15 cm Cellophane Bags (15 pcs)

Ice Cream Sticks (15 pcs)

Pink and Brown Raffia (2 m of each color)

Double Mold for Bite-Shaped Ice Cream Silicone

Remember that in addition to these materials, you will find instructions with the complete recipe that you can refer to whenever needed. If you enjoy the technique and want to continue making your ice cream-shaped soaps, you can purchase all the necessary materials at Gran Velada.

How to Make Bite-Shaped Ice Cream Soaps

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make bite-shaped ice cream soaps.

We start by making the pink layer. To do this:

Cut and melt the glycerin soap base in the microwave. Be careful not to let it boil.

Add a few drops of fragrance oil and pink pigment. Since it's in powder form, it's recommended to pre-disperse it in a mortar with a few drops of 96% alcohol.

Fill one-third of each mold and spray with 96% alcohol.

While it dries, prepare the second layer, which will be white:

Melt glycerin soap base following the previous instructions and spray 96% alcohol on the first layer in the mold to act as glue with the second layer.

Pour into the mold and spray with 96% alcohol. When it is dry, place the sticks in the center by inserting them into the white layer.

To finish, we only need to do the brown layer:

Melt the soap base and add fragrance to it. Add the diluted brown pigment as explained in step 2.

Spray 96% alcohol on the dry soap and finish filling the mold.

The last step is to decorate the bite-shaped ice cream soaps with bags and raffia. The result will be spectacular! With this kit, you can make approximately 14 ice creams.

Where to Buy Ice Cream Shaped Soap Kit?

Visit www.granvelada.com, and you can buy the ice cream-shaped soap kit. You will also discover many other kits for making fun and original crafts at home. Take a look and get your favorite!

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