Seal to make soap, in love
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Application of the seal for homemade soap:

The surface of the soap must be completely smooth and flat so that the two millimeters of the seal penetrate completely. It is preferable to mark the seal for soaps "in love", on freshly cut soap, because, over time, it becomes dehydrated, and becomes more difficult to mark, since it hardens.

If the soap is too soft, it will stick. And if, on the contrary, it was very dry, it would not penetrate well, the edges would break and the result would not be satisfactory.

Once the seal is placed, you must press evenly, until the base of the seal stops with the same soap. Then, remove it carefully.

Maintenance of the seal for soaps:

You can clean it with soap and water, but never with hot water, as the heat could soften and deform the seal material. Nor in the dishwasher.

You can also use a small brush or a wooden toothpick, between sealing and sealing, in case there is soap stuck in a hole in the seal.

On our page Make soaps, in addition to recipes and tutorials, we also have an article about how to use soap seals. Go ahead and stop by and see it!

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