Silicone spatula
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Silicone spatula

The silicone spatula that you can buy in Gran Velada is characterized by being:

  • Resistant (even at high temperatures)
    High quality
    Easy to clean

These characteristics make this silicone spatula perfect to use in your handmade elaborations: candles, soaps, cosmetics, crafts ... Remember that the utensils used to make this type of products should not be used for cooking or handling food. That is why it is advisable to have a silicone spatula at home specifically for our crafts.

Heat-resistant silicone spatula

Being a silicone spatula resistant to calor is ideal for making both candles and soaps. In the case of candles, this silicone spatula is perfect for removing wax while it is melting.

It will also be very useful to make soaps, both oil and glycerin. Thanks to it you will find it very easy to mix all the ingredients of your recipe. That is why it is a utensil that can not be missing among your materials.

In the case of cosmetics and crafts, it is ideal for stirring and getting all the ingredients to integrate, thus obtaining a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

Silicone spatula

You can give so many uses to your silicone spatula that it is the most versatile and functional. After each use you just have to clean it, dry it well and store it without giving it direct light. So you'll always have it ready to use when you need it.

Where to buy silicone spatula?

Go to and you will see where to buy silicone spatula. You just have to select the amount you want and process the purchase online. In a few days you will receive the order at the indicated address. Fast shipping. Wholesale and retail.

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