Pasteur pipettes 3 ml
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Plastic pasteur pipettes

Plastic pasteur pipettes, with capacity to measure 3 ml. They are very practical to transfer liquids from one place to another. With them you can transfer liquids safely and practically. They have an advantage over glass and that is that being polyethylene do not break when falling.

Plastic pasteur pipettes can be used to calculate the drops needed when making creams or cosmetic products. With it you can add the active ingredients, vegetable oils, essential oils, extracts or essences and incorporate exactly the necessary amount without the need for a precision scale.

Disposable pasteur pipettes

Disposable pasteur pipettes are very useful when making soaps, creams, cosmetics, perfumes, candles... They are very functional and versatile! For example, in the case of soaps they are of great help to incorporate the dyes once dispersed. They will also serve to make details to the handmade soaps such as decorations on the surface.

Disposable pasteur pipettes can also be used to make candles and add additives in the right proportion and even aromatic essences or essential oils. They are easy to use and handle and will become an essential tool in your formulations.

Pasteur pipettes with bulb

The pasteur pipettes with bulb are made of light and flexible plastic and have a bulb on top that helps to suck the liquid. It is a tool that will help you incorporate exactly the measures required for each recipe.

Bulb pasteur pipettes are specially designed to correctly add small amounts of liquids that are precisely the most difficult to measure accurately.

Where to buy pasteur pipettes?

In you can buy pasteur pipettes to use in your preparations. We have pasteur pipettes with different graduations. Fast shipping.

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