Stainless steel laboratory spoon
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Spatula spoon

Resistant, practical, very functional and high quality, this is the stainless steel spatula spoon that you can buy in the online store of Gran Velada. It is a laboratory spoon that will be very useful for handling and transferring powdered products or to make mixtures. Get it and use it in your homemade cosmetic formulations! You will see how comfortable and useful it is.

The laboratory spatula spoon is characterized by having at one end a small flat sheet of metal, which acts as a spatula, and ending the other end with a spoon. It is, therefore, a double-sided multipurpose spoon has. It offers many possibilities, as it can be used to collect samples, weigh different substances in powder, granules or paste and make mixtures.

The spatula spoon that we put at your disposal in Gran Velada is light and high resistance, perfect for preparing mixtures and solutions. It is a very versatile and reusable instrument that, in addition, has a very basic maintenance.

Laboratory spoon

The laboratory spoon will be of great help when handling small quantities. In fact, it is very useful for adding minimal doses of powdered ingredients to cosmetic formulations. That is why it will become a must when making your cosmetics diy. Get the lab spoon through our online store and you won't know how to work without it!

The laboratory spoon is one of the basic utensils that must be taken when making homemade cosmetics, especially if you are going to work with powdered ingredients, if you need to measure small amounts or if they are mixed assiduously.

Stainless steel spoon spoon

If you are looking for a stainless steel spoon spatula, in our online store you will find it for sale. In addition to this spoon we have many other tools that will facilitate the diy elaborations that you prepare at home. They will help you make work easier and more comfortable!

It is important to note that it is not recommended to use the stainless steel spoon spatula to handle clays, as they could alter or lose part of their properties when in contact with metals.

Where to buy laboratory spatula spoon?

In you can buy laboratory spatula spoon, as well as many other useful that will be very practical for your homemade formulations. You just have to place your order online through our online store. Fast shipping.

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