Precipitated glass 250 ml
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Through our online store you can buy beaker with a capacity of 250 ml. It is a borosilicate glass glass, with double graduation in white that helps measure liquids. This vessel is characterized by being very resistant to high temperatures and thermal shocks. It is also provided by a spout to facilitate the pouring of liquids and thus prevent them from spilling.

If you are interested in making homemade cosmetics do not hesitate to buy a beaker. It will be of great help when preparing different mixtures.

Hagged glass beaker

With the precipitated glass glass we can make all kinds of mixtures without danger. It is perfect for use in the preparation of creams and homemade cosmetics as well as perfumes or mikados. In it we can mix all kinds of liquids without deforming or deteriorating, thanks to its great resistance to heat.

It is a very manageable glass, with a very appropriate size to use when making mixtures for cosmetics and perfumes. In addition, this glass beaker can be used both in the microwave and in the dishwasher.

Laboratory cup

We put at your disposal a glass measuring laboratory cup , so you can prepare all kinds of mixtures and solutions. This model of laboratory vessel is also known as Griffin vessel and is characterized, in addition to its resistance, by its characteristic shape: it has a low height in relation to its diameter. The laboratory cup can not be missing from the list of essential work materials to make cosmetics at home.

Where to buy beaker?

You will find where to buy a beaker in the Gran Velada online store. Place your order online today and in a few days you will receive it at your home. Fast deliveries to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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