Molds for cement figures

Si estás pensando en hacer tus propias figuras decorativas, en esta sección de nuestra tienda online encontrarás moldes para cemento. Los tenemos con formas muy diferentes y también hay una gran variedad de tamaños. Eso sí, todos coinciden en la calidad. El material con el que están fabricados les confiere dos rasgos fundamentales: resistencia y flexibilidad. A esto hay que sumar una característica más: son antiadherentes.

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Cement molds

If you are thinking of making your own decorative figures, in this section of our online store you will find molds for cement. We have them with very different shapes and there are also a wide variety of sizes. Of course, everyone agrees on the quality. The material with which they are made gives them two fundamental traits: resistance and flexibility. To this we must add one more characteristic: they are non-stick.

These qualities make working with our cement molds very comfortable, mainly because they unmold well. Being elastic they can be folded without problems and instantly recover their original shape. That's why extracting the figures from the interior will be easy.

Another of the great advantages of molds for cement figures is that they are very versatile. With them you can make a multitude of creations! Planters, decorative figures, bowls for soaps and candles, ornamental plates... The range of possibilities that opens up is very wide, so get down to work and get spectacular creations with your personal stamp.

We have a wide variety of molds for cement. The goal is that you can choose the model that you like the most. Any of them allows you to make decorative elements at home for your home, garden, terrace ... And best of all: you can do it economically and easily!

If your thing is the handmade and you like to experiment with new creations you can not miss our catalog of molds for cement. Check it out and let inspiration do the rest! Surely you can think of thousands of ideas to put into practice.

Cement molds

Using these molds for cement is very easy. For the results to be satisfactory we recommend you use the raw materials that you can buy in Gran Velada. And they are specially manufactured to work with this type of molds. They are the perfect combination! And you make sure that the final product is ideal.

To start working with these cement molds, the first thing you have to get is the dough. When it is completely homogeneous and without lumps, pour it into the chosen mold and tap on a rigid surface so that the dough expands well throughout the nooks and crannies.

You just have to wait for it to dry before you can unmold! It is essential that the figures are completely dry so that they do not break when unmolding. This aspect is very important to avoid problems.

Unmolding is much simpler than it seems, since our cement molds are very flexible. In addition, many of them have small openings to facilitate this process. That's why extracting the figure from the interior will not pose any problem. It is one of the great advantages of using our cement molds!

Another point in favor of the cement molds that you can buy in our online store is that you can use them as many times as you want. That is, from a single mold you can make countless figures. That's why they are a very profitable investment!

Of course, for this it is important to keep them in perfect condition. Therefore, when you have finished using them, you have to clean them in depth to remove the remains that may remain. You dry them well so that there is no moisture left and you will have them ready for future use. One last piece of advice! Store them in a place where they don't get direct sunlight. Go ahead and buy cement molds and make your own decorative figures!

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