Cloud-shaped mold
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Cloud mold

With the mold of clouds make some original soaps will be very simple. It is a silicone mold with two cavities in the form of a rounded cloud, like the typical drawing cloud, with a flat base.

The cloud mold is ideal for use with glycerin soap, although it allows you to use any other type of material such as resins, plaster, cement, waxes ... It is very flexible and non-stick, so unmolding the figures will not involve any effort. In addition to having great strength and durability.

Cloud-making molds

The molds to make children's clouds are perfect if you are looking to prepare some beautiful details of christening or baby shower. You will get a cucada of soaps in the form of a cloud very quickly, since with a single mold you can make two figures.

To keep the molds to make clouds in perfect condition it is advisable to wash and dry them after each use, and store them in a dark place without moisture. This will keep them as new indefinitely.

Soap clouds

Want to learn how to make soap clouds? It is very easy and you will only need this mold, about 100 grams of glycerin-based soap, dye for glycerin soap and an aromatic essence.

The first step to make soap clouds is to dice the glycerin-based soap and melt it little by little, in the microwave or in a water bath, without boiling. Then we will add the chosen coloring and a few drops of essence and mix. Finally fill the mold with the mixture and let cool for about 30 minutes. And we can unmold our soaps. Isn't it really simple?

Where to buy cloud mold?

In Gran Velada you will find where to buy cloud molds as well as many other models of molds and all the necessary materials to make soaps and original christening details. You just have to place your order online and in a few days you will receive it at home.

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