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In Gran Velada you can buy custom molds to make soaps . They can be customized with the text and date you indicate, as long as it adapts to the measurements of the mold.

To get these personalized molds, you have to process the purchase in our online store and choose between one of the options we offer:

  • The smooth mold to customize it with a seal for soaps.
  • A custom mold with the name and date engraved.
  • Four custom molds with the name and date engraved.
  • Eight custom molds with the name and date engraved.

If you opt for the first option, the smooth mold, in Gran Velada you will find many of them for soaps. We can even make you a custom seal for you to use on all your soaps.

Once you have chosen the option you want, you process the order. Before finalizing the purchase, in the comments section you must tell us how you want to customize the mold, that is, the text and the date.

For any questions related to custom molds you can contact our customer service, sending an email to or by calling 976 86 74 74.

Custom silicone molds

The custom molds are made of silicone, that is, they have strength and durability. In fact, if you keep them well and treat them with care, they will last you for many occasions.

Using these custom silicone molds is simple, as they are non-stick and flexible. This means that the bar of soap does not stick in the mold and unmolds easily. You fold and press and you can easily remove it. Of course, it is important not to use sharp objects that can damage the mold.

If you want to leave your personal imprint on the soaps you make, get one of our custom soap molds!

Being custom molds for soaps are manufactured to order, so the delivery time can take a little longer. Even so, you will have your mold in just a few days.

How to use custom molds

The personalized molds are ideal if you are thinking of making details of wedding, baptism or communion, since you can write the names and the date of the celebration. Also perfect for artisans in the sector who want to manufacture soaps with the name of the company.

Using these molds is very simple, you just have to pour the melted soap or the soap trace them and wait for them to dry to unmold. If you opt for smooth molds, once you have the bar done, press with the seal on the surface of the soap and it will remain engraved.

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