Molds for scented wax

En Gran Velada puedes comprar moldes para hacer cera perfumada, de hecho ponemos a tu disposición un amplísimo catálogo para que puedas escoger el que más te guste. ¡Los hay con muchísimas formas diferentes y todos destacan por su calidad!

Molds for scented wax

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Molds to make scented wax

In Gran Velada you can buy molds to make scented wax, in fact we put at your disposal a wide catalog so you can choose the one you like the most. There are many different shapes and all stand out for their quality!

Normally the scented wax is placed on an essence burner so that it melts with the heat of the tea candle. If you are going to use it like this, it is important to keep in mind that the figures should not be too large or too thick, otherwise they will not melt well. That is why in Gran Velada we put at your disposal molds to make perfumed wax that meet these characteristics.

Another possibility is to use the scented wax to aromatize drawers, cobblers ... In this case the figures are usually introduced in organza bags so that they leave their aroma wherever they are placed. In this case the size of the molds is not so important, so these scented wax figures can be larger.

When buying molds for perfumed wax for burners it is important that they are of quality, in this way working with them will be much more comfortable. The molds that you can buy in our online store are made of a material that makes them resistant, flexible and non-stick, so using them is simple and very affordable. Whether you have previous experience or not, working with these molds to make scented wax will be very feasible.

Opting for one or the other depends a lot on your personal tastes and how you are going to use the scented wax. For example, you will find specific molds to make scented wax. They are round in shape and are engraved with different aromas. They are a great option for this type of elaboration, but keep in mind that you can also choose molds with more original and striking shapes. You decide!

In the product sheet of each of the molds for scented wax you will find more information about its characteristics, measures, capacity ... Get the mold that you like the most and get down to work!

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