Making incense

The word incense comes from the Latin "incensum", which means to ignite. It is a preparation with vegetable resins and essential oils that when burning give off an intense aroma. This technique has been used since ancient times. Remains found in archaeological excavations suggest that incense was already part of religious and cultural life in many parts of the world since prehistoric times. From ancient writings we can get an idea of how the religions and cultures of antiquity used the aroma of herbs, flowers, tree leaves, and other natural sources in their spiritual practices.

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Homemade incense

The incense was made from honey, vegetable gums and ground herbs. However, some connoisseurs believe that the burning of products such as berries, cedar, resins and roots brought to light the first incense. But nowadays, you can make incense in various formats, either in stick, cone, powder, etc.

Incense is divided into 2 types: combustible incense, which ignites directly by a flame and leaves a small ember burning that burns and releases the aroma. While incense is non-combustible, it is the one that requires an alternating heat source.

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