Geometric Rosette Incense Holder Mold
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Incense Holder Mold

Mold for creating a homemade incense holder in the shape of a geometric rosette. It's made of silicone and is very easy to use. This mold allows you to work with different materials such as cement, plaster, water-based resin... You'll achieve a beautiful figure to hold incense sticks and light them comfortably.

This mold is durable and is known for being non-stick and flexible, making demolding much easier. To make them last a long time, it's important to clean and dry them well after each use and store them in a place free from humidity and direct light. This way, you can use them whenever you need.

  • Mold for Making Incense Holder
  • The mold for making incense holders is one of the essential tools in the process. Additionally, you'll need:
  • Water-based resin / plaster / cement
  • Water

You can find all the materials for making incense holders on the Gran Velada online store. Moreover, you can add a touch of color to your creations by using pigments for cement and plaster. Another possibility? Personalize the final result with mica powders + clear varnish, highlighting the details you like the most.

How to Make Incense Holders

Next, we'll show you step by step how to make incense holders. You'll see how easy it is!

Create a mixture with water-based resin and water in the appropriate proportions. Do the same with the other materials.

Fill the mold and tap it on the countertop to ensure the mixture reaches all the crevices.

Allow it to dry before demolding. Important! The figure must be completely dry to prevent it from breaking during demolding.

Where to Buy Incense Holder Molds?

You can buy incense holder molds at the Gran Velada online store. You'll also find all the necessary materials. We have an extensive catalog of craft products! Fast shipping.

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