Citrus fragrances to make air fresheners

Crea todo tipo de ambientadores caseros con las fragancias cítricas de Gran Velada. A menudo, cuesta elegir un ambientador en concreto. Muchas veces el aroma no termina de gustar lo suficiente o simplemente no se da con el olor que uno lleva en mente. Pero esto ya no es un problema, porque con estas fragancias cítricas puedes hacer tu propio ambientador personalizado.

Citrus fragrances to make air fresheners

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Create all kinds of homemade air fresheners with the citrus fragrances of Gran Velada. Often, it is difficult to choose a particular air freshener. Many times the aroma does not end up liking enough or simply does not occur with the smell that one has in mind. But this is no longer a problem, because with these citrus fragrances you can make your own custom air freshener.

If you like air fresheners with citrus aromas you have reached the perfect category. Orange, bergamot, kiwi or lime are just some examples of all the aromatic essences with citrus notes that Gran Velada puts at your disposal. They are fragrances with fresh, cheerful and dynamic aromas, which fill us with energy and optimism.

Citrus fragrances come from fruits or raw materials with citrus aromas, which mainly provide a feeling of freshness. Elegant aromas that smell clean. Citrus fragrances are light and sparkling, ideal for dynamic, lively and active people. Its aromas bring back memories of summer and make you feel more animated and optimistic, while clearing your mind. With these fragrances you can make air fresheners for the house and the car, mikados, incense or aromatic bags and perfumed ceramics, among many others.


And it is that with the citrus aromatic essences of Gran Velada making any type of air fresheners is the simplest. First of all, choose the essence that you like the most or a set of them. They are concentrated, high quality and high performance essences, which you can combine with essences from other olfactory families. You will also need alcohol 96º, to dilute the essence, since it is concentrated. The recommended ratio? 70% alcohol and 30% essence. Both for mikados, as air fresheners, aromatic bags or perfumed ceramics proportion of essence and alcohol will be the same. Although you can reduce the mixture by adding a part of demineralized water. For example, 40% alcohol 96º + 30% demineralized water + 30% aromatic essence. If you want it to have a touch of color, add a few drops of water-soluble liquid dye.

Get unique air fresheners made by you and totally to your liking with the essences of Gran Velada. There are more than 300 different essences, divided into different olfactory families. They are the most versatile fragrances, which you can take advantage of in any of your creations. Not only do they serve to make air fresheners, but they can be used to flavor soaps, creams and cosmetics or handmade candles.

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