Stickers for mikado home fragrance
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Square stickers for air fresheners

If you are looking for stickers to decorate a homemade mikado, this model of Great Evening can fit you. These are square stickers for air fresheners that read "Home Fragrance".

These square stickers for air fresheners attract attention for their flirtatious and elegant design. They are simple, with sober lines, and with them you will get your homemade mikado to have an extra sophistication.

They are square stickers with a white background. They have a box in dark gray and in the center appears the text. In addition, in the lower area appears "Hand Made" (Handmade) so that it is recorded that it is a homemade mikado.

Adhesive labels for mikados

These are adhesive labels for mikados that can be glued on glass, glass, plastic surfaces ... They will be great in the containers for mikados that you can buy in our online store.

For example, you can place these adhesive labels for mikados on these containers:

- Square frasca with cork stopper
- Margarita mikado bottle 100 ml.

These adhesive labels are printed on plastic paper so they are water resistant. In addition, they have a semi-matte finish.

Where to buy square stickers for air fresheners?

In Gran Velada you can buy square stickers for air fresheners. In this case they are sold in blisters. In addition to this model, you will find many others with which to decorate and give the personal touch to your homemade creations. Find your favorite model and get it! Fast deliveries.

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