Wick for ecological candles 5-6 cm
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In Gran Velada you can buy ecological wick for candles of different sizes of thickness. It is sold by meters. It is an essential material when making candles, since it is responsible for the candle to burn, so choosing it properly is essential for the combustion to be correct.

It is a round wick of unwaxed cotton, with rayon heart, made of eucalyptus paper. Before using it it is advisable to wax it in the wax that you are going to use for your preparation. This wick is made of natural, biodegradable and 100% paraffin-free materials. That is why it is recommended to make ecological, massage or natural candles.

How to choose the wick

When choosing the thickness of the wick must be taken into account:

  • The diameter of the candle: that is, how thick the candle will be. To do this you only have to measure the width of the mold. For example, if the mold is 6 cm wide, the recommended wick will be 6-7 cm.
    The melting point of the wax used: the higher the melting point of the wax, the thicker the wick should have, since it will take longer to burn and therefore the wick will have to have more strength.

There are several factors that influence when opting for one wick or another, so our recommendation is that you always do a test with different wicks to see how they burn. In this way you will ensure better results if you are going to manufacture a large number of candles.

If you see that the chosen wick does not burn well you can replace it carefully. To extract it you can help yourself with thin tweezers or a small pliers. Pull little by little and in the hole that has been placed the new wick.

How to place the wick

When using the ecological wick our recommendation is to wax it previously with the wax that you are going to use for the elaboration. How is it done? Once the wax is melted, dip the wick several times in it, stretch it well so that it is straight and let it dry for a few minutes. In this way you will be able to place it more easily and when used it will ignite better.

To place it on the candles we advise you:

  • Thread the wick: to perform this technique it is necessary that the molds have a small hole at one end. The wick is inserted through the hole, passed along the entire length of the mold (making sure it is well strapped) and fastened at the other end with a wick holder. This technique is recommended for working with silicone molds.
    Wick holder + wick holder: to make candles in a container we recommend this technique. The wick is cut to the size of the glass and inserted into a wick holder. It is placed at the bottom of the glass well centered and glued with silicone or a little molten wax. At the top you can grab it with a wick holder. It remains only to fill the container with the molten wax.

Where to buy ecological wick for candles?

In www.granvelada.com you can buy ecological wick for candles. You will also find all the necessary materials to make your own handmade candles. Place your order comfortably through our online store. Fast shipping. Wholesale and retail.

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