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Christmas Silicone Mold

A silicone mold for creating a mini nativity scene with Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and baby Jesus. It's perfect for crafting, such as making soaps, plaster figures, cement... You'll achieve unique creations to give as gifts or decorate your home!

This mold is characterized by being non-stick and flexible, making demolding much easier. To make them last a long time, they should be cleaned and thoroughly dried after each use, regardless of the material used.

Crafting Mold

With this crafting mold, you can create a multitude of DIY projects. It's ideal for soaps, decorative figures...

To make soap:

One option is to use this mold for making soap. What do you need? Glycerin soap base, aromatic essence, liquid colorant, 96% alcohol, and the mold. You can also use micas, pearlescent powders, and cosmetic glitter to highlight the mold's details. The step-by-step process for making soap with this mold is very simple:

Cut some glycerin soap base into cubes and melt it gently at a low power setting in the microwave. It's crucial not to let it boil.

Add a few drops of aromatic essence and liquid colorant.

Pour into the mold and wait for them to dry before demolding.

Decorate the figures with soap paints, micas, pearlescent powders, or cosmetic glitter.

To make decorative figures:

Another possibility is to create decorative figures with this mold. In this case, the necessary ingredients are plaster or water-based resin, water, and the mold. If you want them to have a touch of color, you can use craft pigments. The crafting process is also very simple and quick.

Create a lump-free mixture with the chosen material (plaster or resin) and water. You should follow the proportions specified by the manufacturer.

Add a pinch of powdered mineral pigment to color the mixture and stir well.

Pour into the mold and demold when they have completely dried.

You can decorate the finished figures with glitter or with a mixture of matte resin + micas. This way, you'll achieve customized colors to give the perfect finish to your creations.

With any of these options, you'll achieve original crafts. You'll find all the necessary materials in Gran Velada's online store.

Where to Buy Crafting Molds?

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