Soap mold with witch and frog
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The celebration of Halloween is a highly anticipated date on the calendar that invites all kinds of fun crafts. Children love to decorate the house with a spooky and mysterious atmosphere, and even more so if they are the ones preparing the decorations themselves. That's why, at Gran Velada, we have prepared a selection of the best and most terrifying Halloween molds. Typical pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, witches, or zombies are some examples of the Halloween mold models you can find in this category. Fun molds to let your imagination run wild.

With Halloween molds, you can create the spookiest house decorations. They are very versatile, high-quality molds suitable for use with various materials such as waxes and paraffins, glycerin soap bases, plaster, water-based resin, cement... and available in a wide variety of models and sizes. They can be used to make various crafts such as chilling candles and decorative plaster and water-based resin figures to adorn your home and garden with an authentic ghostly atmosphere. You can also create small soaps for the bath and any other ideas you can imagine for different Halloween decorations.

Furthermore, working with Halloween molds is very rewarding and perfect for both children and adults to prepare their favorite Halloween crafts. In each product description, you will find a detailed description of the mold, including measurements, the weight of the figure, and an image of the final result. You will also find recommendations for proper use and maintenance of the molds, as well as recipes and ideas to get the most out of your Halloween molds.

Along with Halloween molds at Gran Velada, you can get all the materials you need for your crafts: glycerin soap bases, waxes and paraffins for candles, colorants and paints for soap and candle making, aromatic essences for scenting them, packaging materials, and decorations... Don't forget to visit Gran Velada's blogs, where we show you different ideas and crafts through step-by-step videos that you can make with your Halloween molds.

Take a look at the Halloween mold collection we offer, choose your favorites, and place your order online. In no time, you will receive it comfortably at home, and you can start preparing the decorations for the spookiest and most fun night of the year.

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