Pair mold for candles
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Sailing couple of lovers

Mold sail pair of lovers to make your own handmade candles. The pair of lovers sail that you will get with this mold is in 3D and has a circular base. With a subtle design it shows us a man and a woman embracing in a very romantic and sensual scene.

This mold is made of silicone and is characterized by being very flexible, favoring the work of unmolding the piece, as well as having a great resistance and durability that will remain intact with proper care of it. It should be cleaned well after each use and stored in a dark place without moisture.

How to make candles for love

Are you interested in how to make candles for love for yourself? With this mold it is very simple and you can use this candle of lovers to carry out different spells and love moorings. To make candles for love you will need: paraffin, pink coloring, aromatic essence of cloves, cinnamon or jasmine, among others, and wick.

You will see how making candles for love is very easy and fun. Melt the paraffin and add the colorant and essence. Once these ingredients are well mixed, you just have to pour the mixture over the mold and place the wick. Once it cools you can easily unmold the candle.

Love rituals with candles

The rituals of love with candles are present in all cultures and there are very varied, although they all seek the same goal: to get and maintain the love of that special person. Do you want to do love rituals with candles? In our blog we tell you the secrets of these ancestral spells with which to attract happiness in the couple, get that person you want so much to fall in love with you or recover the lost passion.

Where to buy pair mold for candles?

On our website you can buy couple mold for candles as well as all the necessary materials to make them at home. Place your order online today and receive it at the destination you indicate in a very short time. Fast shipments to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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