Amulet mold for tranquility
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Amulet for peace of mind

Get with this mold to make your own amulet for tranquility, which shows us in relief the subtle figure of Buddha's face along with a lotus flower in motion. This talisman will help you enhance your inner calm through the internalization of oneself.

The amulet mold for tranquility is made of silicone, which makes it flexible and durable, and is perfect for use with materials such as plaster, resins, cement ... It has a rectangular shape and a small hole in the top to be able to hang it.

Amulet to calm the nerves

Help yourself with this mold to prepare an effective amulet to calm the nerves in the most difficult moments with the figure of Buddha, maximum representative of calm and inner serenity. To make an amulet to calm the nerves with this mold the first thing will be to elaborate the figure.

We will need water and resin or plaster. Prepare the mixture, fill the mold and, once completely dry, unmold it. You can customize it by giving it color, with pearlescent or paints, or with a ribbon or cord.

Buddha of Serenity

The Buddha's talisman of serenity helps us connect with our inner being, finding the calm and calm we crave in the hardest and most desperate days. That's why we want you to enjoy making a talisman where you can concentrate those desires. Buddha understood serenity as a state of mind, a will and an attitude to heal the mind.

With the Buddha of serenity we will be able to reach that state of the soul of peace and harmony in which the spirit is full of joy and empty of resentment.

Where to buy amulet mold for peace of mind?

In the online store of Gran Velada you can buy amulet mold for tranquility as well as other molds to make talismans. Do not hesitate to place your order, in a very short time you will receive it at your home.

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