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We put at your disposal original silicone molds to make glycerin soaps bars. Like all silicone molds they are non-stick and easy to unmold, but what differentiates them from the rest is their shape. They recreate, in the form of a bar, silhouettes of the most varied, such as hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies ...

These bars of soap are perfect for making fun soaps with inclusion. A technique that allows to elaborate original and colorful bars of soap with a very special characteristic: inside they have embedded small figures or shapes of soap. With this technique it is possible to create soaps that combine several colors and shapes. As well as opaque glycerin and crystal soap bases. For example, square pills that in the center have in the center a flower in glass base. You will see that more original soaps! You can shape it the way you want

How to make soap with inclusions?

To make a soap with inclusions the first step will be to make the inclusion or bar that will appear inside. For this we will choose one of the many molds for bar soap, with shape, that Gran Velada puts at your disposal.

  • 1. Melt the glycerin-based soap needed for that mold, add coloring and aromatic essence. Stir well and spray the mixture with alcohol 96º.
  • 2. Place the mold and fill it with the liquid soap. If the chosen mold has no base, place it upright, on a cold surface, and pour a little to make it a base. Wait until it solidifies and seals, and then fill the mold to the top.
  • 3. When it is completely cold it is unmolded.

The next step will be to prepare the soap with inclusion. Choose a tubular, round, square, oval mold... that you will find in our store. For these soaps you have to choose PVC molds that have no base.

  • 4. Apply release agent all over the inner surface of the mold.
  • 5. Spray with plenty of alcohol 96º the inclusion that we are going to use and place it in the center of the mold.
  • 6. Melt the soap base, add aromatic essence and a colorant different from the inclusion, and spray the mixture with alcohol 96º.
  • 7. Pour some of the melted soap over the mold, so that it seals the base and inclusion. When solidifying, fill the mold completely, being careful not to crush the inclusion.
  • 8. Finally, and once it has cooled completely, unmold the bar and cut the bars of soap with the thickness you want.

In the blog you can see different recipes for soaps with inclusions, and how this fun technique is applied.

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