Heart mold
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Heart-shaped molds

If you're looking for heart-shaped molds, check out this model of Gran Velada. It is a classic and simple design, perfect for making candles and soaps. It is rounded and thick and with it you will get very good results.

With these heart-shaped molds you will bring out your most romantic side. They will serve you both to make candles and decorate a romantic evening and to make details in the form of soap. Either option will be ideal for you! Thanks to this mold, it is practical and easy to use.

Silicone mold heart

This heart silicone mold, being made with silicone, is characterized by being very durable and resistant. Plus, it gives them flexibility, which is why they're so easy to unmold.

Using this silicone heart mold will be easy. Once you have finished working with it, you carefully clean it, dry it and store it in a place without moisture. Above all, avoid sharp and sharp objects that can damage the silicone.

How to make candles of heart?

Write down this simple recipe and you will see how making heart candles is much easier than you may think. What will you need? To make a heart candle you need about 80 gr of paraffin, essence, coloring and wick. Not forgetting the mold!

To make heart candles the first thing is to melt the paraffin. We recommend that you do it in a saucepan over low heat. When it is melted, add the coloring and essence. Place the wick centered in the mold and pour the mixture. After a couple of hours, the candle will be dry and ready to unmold.

Where to buy heart molds?

In Gran Velada you can buy heart molds to unleash your creativity. There is a wide variety of models so you can choose your favorite. Once you have decided, you just have to select the quantity you want and process the order. In a few days you will receive it at home. Fast and convenient!

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