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If crafts are your favorite hobby you can't miss the incredible selection of craft molds for Gran Velada. In this section a wide variety of molds for crafts are collected, so you can give free rein to your imagination. They are molds for crafts, available in different materials and countless shapes and sizes, which you can use in all kinds of manual work. With a little imagination you will get unique and very special creations.

All the molds for crafts in this section are high quality molds and stand out both for their versatility and for their resistance and durability. To use them you simply have to prepare the mixture, which will depend on the craft you are going to make, and pour it over the mold. It can be wax, paraffin, plaster, resins in water, special cement for figures ... Once it has hardened you can unmold it. It is advisable, depending on the material of which the mold is made, to apply release agent to the internal part in order to facilitate the unmolding of the figures. You will see how easy it is!

And it is that any design or shape you imagine you will find it available. Molds of geometric shapes, such as spheres, stars, pyramids, or molds of the most original with shapes of animals, flowers, fruits ... In the product sheet you can consult the specifications of each mold, such as the measurements, the weight of the figure or an image to see how they look in reality, as well as indications and recommendations for proper use.

Craft molds are perfect for making your own guest details, and in Gran Velada you will find not only the molds but all the necessary components to make them. As well as materials and accessories to achieve an ideal packaging.

Look at all the craft molds we offer, choose your favorite and process your purchase. In a very short time you will receive them at home ready to start with your crafts.

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