Make mikado

The Mikado is the king of modern air fresheners. It is a glass jar with essence inside and wooden rods that disperse the aroma. Today mikados are on the list of the most used air fresheners. The reason: the fragrance diffuses little by little and constantly, they are natural, do not need batteries or electricity and are also an elegant and sophisticated decorative element.

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Homemade Mikado

Making mikado is very easy and at a low cost. All you need is a glass jar and rattan rods. The liquid of the air freshener is basic, so aromatic essences and alcohol 96°C are required. It can be given a touch of color with water-soluble dye.

The correct recipe for making a homemade mikado air freshener is: pour into a bowl 30% aromatic essence and 70% alcohol 96°C. Mix until homogenized and pour into a glass jar. At the end, place the rods (porous wood). As a recommendation, it is suggested that the rods protrude about 10 cm. In this way, the smell will be dispersed throughout the room.

Homemade rod air freshener

As if that were not enough, in blogs there are tutorials with the step by step to make homemade rod air freshener correctly. There you will realize that mikado is extremely easy. You will discover ideas and tips to decorate and personalize them, either for personal use, as a gift, for a special event or as a venture.

In Gran Velada Mexico you have all the necessary material to make homemade mikado wholesale or retail. With a wide variety of aromatic essences, rods and jars of various shapes and sizes. In addition to stickers or stickers and ribbons to customize them. Make the aroma last!

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