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Silicone molds are the best option when making homemade soaps. Working with them is very simple and will greatly facilitate the process of making soaps. Therefore, if you are thinking of making homemade soaps, either as a hobby, to set up a small business or to prepare your own wedding details, we recommend that you opt for this type of molds.

The good thing about these molds is that they can be found in almost any shape we can imagine. They allow to obtain very detailed soaps and with the most original shapes. You will find molds for Christmas soaps, Halloween, with animal shapes, flowers, for weddings, baby showers, communions, with marine motifs ... Without forgetting the classic oval, round or square toilet soap bars.

Silicone molds for soaps are presented in various formats, you can find individual molds, to make soaps one by one or in trays with several equal cavities, so that their elaboration is faster. Saving both time and materials.

One of the great advantages that these molds offer us is that we will not need to use any type of release agent, since the soaps once they cool are easily extracted from the mold. In the event that you choose to make glycerin soaps you only have to fill the mold, wait about 30 minutes for the soap to be cold and unmold it exerting a slight pressure. It's that fast!

Among the main characteristics of silicone molds for soaps we find that they are:

  • Very flexible, elastic and non-adherent, so that it is very easy to unmold the soaps and without the need to use any type of extra release agent.
  • Resistant, they withstand both high and low temperatures.
  • Durable, they can be used indefinitely as long as we treat them with the care they require.

What are the steps to follow to keep silicone molds as new? To keep the molds in perfect condition we recommend you follow these simple tips:

  • After each use they should be washed with warm water and a soft sponge, and dried thoroughly. If necessary, a little soap or detergent can be used.
  • Store them in a place away from sunlight where there is no moisture.
  • Do not use sharp or cutting elements that can scratch and damage the mold.

Dare to delve into this fun hobby that is making homemade soaps. In Gran Velada you will find everything you need for this, from silicone molds to glycerin bases, dyes, essences, active ingredients ...

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