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Molds for round soaps

Molds for round soaps composed of four round cavities with which to make up to four soaps at once. You will get four bars of soap perfect to offer as details in personalized hotels or also for wedding details.

This mold is also ideal for making solid cosmetics. With it you can shape:

  • Shampoos
    Bar creams

The round molds that you will find in Gran Velada stand out for being very elastic and non-stick, they are made of silicone and you can unmold them easily, without the need to use any type of release agent.

Molds for hotel soaps

If you need molds for hotel soaps this, in particular, is a highly recommended option. These soaps are perfect to prepare original amenities with which to give a touch of distinction to your hotel or rural house. You can personalize them with a specific aroma, so that they serve as a souvenir of the stay at the hotel.

In Gran Velada you will find many other models of molds for hotel soaps. Do not hesitate to visit our catalog and discover all the news we offer.

Amenities for hotel

Many times the hotel amenities that we offer our guests make the difference between some accommodations and others. That is why we want to show you how to prepare hotel amenities with this soap mold, quickly and economically.

For soaps we will need 120 gr of glycerin-based soap per mold, dye for glycerin and aromatic essence. Melt the soap without boiling, add a few drops of essence and coloring and pour the mixture over the mold. Once cold we will unmold them and wrap them with cellophane or wax paper, decorating them with a personalized sticker.

Where to buy molds for round soaps?

If you are looking for where to buy molds for round soaps in our online store you will find them. To get them you just have to place your order online and in a few days you will receive it at your home. We have several means of payment and transport so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

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