Stickers wrapping droplets
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Water droplet stickers

The waterdrop stickers available at Gran Velada have a unique design formed by a background covered with colored drops in which the words "handmade" appear in the center on a white box.

The water drops stickers are on sale in blisters of three stickers, with the same print but with different color combinations. And you can also choose your blister between three different combinations: green-lilac; pink-light blue; or mustard-green water. Choose your favorite and turn your artisan creations into something unique and surprising.

Rectangular stickers

Do you need rectangular stickers to decorate soaps, cosmetics or guest details? These adhesives that we present are designed so that they can be used both as a wrapper for soaps and to decorate the containers and packaging of cosmetics, candles, soaps and others in an original and fun way.

Our rectangular stickers water droplets are made of plastic paper, water resistant and adhere to different surfaces easily, making them ideal for this type of handmade products.

Stickers for packaging

How to use stickers for droplet packaging ? One idea for them is to use them as wrapper for bars of soap to the cut, wrapping them previously in cellophane. They will also be great as a closure for boxes or kraft bags or in elongated cosmetic containers. The options are very varied, we just have to put imagination.

In the Gran Velada catalog you will find a wide variety of stickers for packaging in different styles and formats, with the option to customize many of them, so you can adapt them perfectly to the packaging you use.

Where to buy stickers from water drops?

If you are looking for where to buy stickers of water drops in Gran Velada you can buy them online, placing an order through the website. We have fast deliveries and several means of payment. Shipments to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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