Herbal fragrances to make air fresheners

¿Conoces las fragancias herbales para ambientadores de Gran Velada? Una colección que reúne toda una amplia gama de esencias aromáticas naturales y frescas, como la de romero, tomillo, té verde o bambú. Una selección de más de 30 fragancias herbales verdes distintas.

Herbal fragrances to make air fresheners

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Do you know the herbal fragrances for air fresheners of Gran Velada? A collection that brings together a wide range of natural and fresh aromatic essences, such as rosemary, thyme, green tea or bamboo. A selection of more than 30 different green herbal fragrances.

These fragrances, mostly known to all, evoke countryside landscapes, the freshness of the morning and nature. It is a family of aromas that are fundamentally associated with the color green. Light, fresh, energetic and optimistic fragrances that are perfect to make with them all kinds of homemade air fresheners: mikados, perfumed ceramics, smell bags for cabinets or spray air fresheners for car and home. They will provide a fresh and natural aroma that will make you feel good and help raise self-esteem.

Among these aromatic essences we will find numerous inspired by herbs and aromatic plants, such as basil, peppermint, lavender or thyme, and others that remind us of the forest, the field and smell of freshly cut grass, such as pine, aloe vera or hay fields.


And it is that with the herbal aromatic essences of Gran Velada making any type of air fresheners is the simplest. First of all, choose the essence that you like the most or a set of them. They are concentrated, high quality and high performance essences, which you can combine with essences from other olfactory families. You will also need alcohol 96º, to dilute the essence, since it is concentrated. The recommended ratio? 70% alcohol and 30% essence. Both for mikados, as air fresheners, aromatic bags or perfumed ceramics proportion of essence and alcohol will be the same. Although you can reduce the mixture by adding a part of demineralized water. For example, 40% alcohol 96º + 30% demineralized water + 30% aromatic essence. If you want it to have a touch of color, add a few drops of water-soluble liquid dye.

If you like natural and fresh aromas do not hesitate to visit this section, where herbal fragrances are the protagonists. You can also take advantage of them to perfume any of your creations: handmade soaps, bath gels, creams and cosmetics, perfumes and eau de cologne, or also make scented candles. You will only need to add a few drops to your elaborations to get the desired aroma.

We encourage you to explore the world of scents, combining different fragrances to achieve unique and personal scents.

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