Custom company logo mold
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Corporate logo mold

In Gran Velada we design for you a mold with the corporate logo of your company so you can easily make personalized gifts. This model is an oval-shaped silicone mold designed to engrave your company logo in the center. The logo will be revealed.

Being a silicone corporate logo mold stands out for being non-stick, resistant and flexible, so working with it is very comfortable. This type of molds are made to order, hence the delivery may take a little longer.

Custom Company Logo

In order for us to make the mold with the personalized company logo it is necessary that you send an email to the following address: You must attach the logo and our design and customer service team will make you a personalized quote.

When making the personalized company logo it is necessary to take into account that the price set in our online store for this product is for a mold with the indicated measures and a simple logo. If you want the mold to be larger, we will make a personalized budget.

So that the logo is of sufficient quality and is perfectly appreciated in the figure, the mold cannot be less than the indicated measures. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the logo must be simple, without too many details so that the engraving is optimal.

Personalized corporate gifts

Making personalized business gifts with this mold is very simple. An easy, resultona, practical and original idea is to make perfumed ceramic air fresheners. How? Do not miss detail of the step by step:

  • Mix the resin and water in the appropriate proportions. Stir well until a homogeneous dough without lumps is obtained.
  • Add a pinch of mineral pigment for crafts if you want your personalized business gifts to have a touch of color. Mix well.
  • Fill the mold and pass a toothpick so that the dough reaches all the nooks and crannies.
  • Wait for it to dry and unmold. To be able to hang it, pass a decorative tape through the upper hole.
  • Spray the figure with an aromatic mixture made from alcohol (70%) and aromatic essence (30%). It is advisable to have it prepared a few days before so that it macerates well.

Where to buy custom company logo mold?

In you can buy custom company logo mold to make unique and exclusive business gifts. You will also find materials for crafts and packaging with which to get 100% personalized details. Fast shipping. Different payment methods.

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