Baby mold sleeping
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Silicone mold baby sleeping

This baby silicone mold sleeping is ideal for making soaps for baptism in a homemade and artisanal way. It is a mold made of silicone that represents the figure of a baby in pajamas. He appears curled up and sleeping peacefully.

The baby sleeping silicone mold is characterized by being:

  • -Durable: you can use it on multiple occasions.
    -Resistant: its quality makes it stand out for its resistance, especially at extreme temperatures.
    -Flexible: silicone gives you flexibility. It can be folded and regains its original shape instantly.
    -Non-stick: the figure does not stick. It is not necessary to use a release agent.

For the baby silicone mold to sleep to retain all its qualities it is important to keep it in good condition. For this it is recommended to clean, dry and store it in a place without moisture and without direct light. In addition, it is important not to use sharp objects that can damage the baby silicone mold while sleeping.

Baby silicone mold

This baby silicone mold is part of the wide catalog of molds of Gran Velada. In addition to this model, you will find many others with a children's theme, ideal for making soaps for baptism. This baby silicone mold, glycerin-based soap, aromatic essence and coloring. With these materials you can make some beautiful soaps for baptism at home. Here's how.

In addition, you can use this baby silicone mold to make other types of crafts, such as candles or plaster or resin figures in water. In the Ask Details blog you will find simple tutorials that can serve as inspiration.

Soaps for baptism

To begin the elaboration of soaps for baptism you have to cut the glycerin-based soap into small pieces and melt them in the microwave. In this process it is essential that the soap does not reach very high temperatures, so we will prevent it from sweating once done.

To the already melted soap, aromatic essence and coloring is added to taste and stirred well so that it disperses. That's when the mold is filled. Do not forget to spray alcohol 96º on the surface to prevent bubbles from remaining. Once it is dry you can unmold the soap and repeat the process to make all the soaps for baptism you need.

To wrap them, you can use transparent cellophane paper and tie it with a decorative ribbon as a loop. In addition, in Gran Velada you will find both stickers and hanging labels to personalize your soaps for baptism.

Where to buy silicone mold baby sleeping?

If you are looking for where to buy silicone mold baby sleeping enter In our online store you will find a wide range of baby silicone molds to make soaps for baptism. You can also buy all the necessary materials. Fast shipping.

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