Making scented ceramics

Hacer ceramica perfumada te resultará muy sencillo con los materiales de Gran Velada. Ponemos a tu disposición todo lo que necesitarás y te enseñamos paso a paso como hacer ceramica perfumada en casa. ¡Verás qué fácil es! ¿El resultado? Unos coquetos ambientadores, a la última moda, con los que aromatizar armarios, el bolso, el coche, habitaciones…

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How to make scented ceramics

To make scented ceramics requires the right material such as molds, raw material, aromatic essences and products to wrap and decorate the scented ceramic. Many totally customized designs!

Perfume or aromatic essence is incorporated into the perfumed ceramic so that it gives off a super pleasant aroma. But in addition to serving as a decorative element, they are very easy to make and at a low cost. As if that were not enough, they can be reused and since they do not need batteries or connection to light, they are totally natural and ecological.

Keep in mind that for a perfumed ceramic to do its function correctly, it would make you consider that the raw material is of high quality like the one offered by Gran Velada Mexico.

To make perfumed ceramics you would have to choose which material you want to work with, whether it is water resin, cement or plaster. These products absorb the essence and evaporate it gradually. You must also add the mold, water, 96° alcohol, aromatic essence and concentrated powder pigments to achieve personalized homemade perfumed ceramics.

To make scented ceramics a mass of the material to choose is made with the correct amounts. The aromatic essence is added. Mix until completely integrated. It is poured into the mold and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. For the aroma to last, you can mix 70% alcohol and 30% aromatic essence. Then it is placed in a spray bottle to spray the scented ceramic whenever you want.

Remember that in the blog there are several tutorials that serve as inspiration to make incredible designs. With them you can perfume a room, a work space, the carry-on bag, the kitchen, among many other things. Get started today!

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