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Flavoring for homemade car

Who does not like to enjoy a pleasant aroma, but more if it is the car where we spend hours at the wheel. So one way to achieve this is to make homemade car flavoring with your favorite fragrance. Easy, durable and at a low cost!

Gran Velada has the necessary material to make home car flavoring. To do this, it would be necessary to select the aromatic essence within the entire variety (fruity, citrus, herbal, sweet and spicy) or the countertype (substance that coincides with the aroma of a commercial perfume) so that the car has a unique and pleasant fragrance.

96° alcohol is also required. But the recommended measure is, 70% alcohol and 30% essence. Integrate until homogenized and reduced one part of alcohol and another of demineralized water. Now, if you want a note of color, you can incorporate water-soluble liquid dye. In the end, all that remains is to package the product so that it spreads the aroma little by little.

Make air freshener for car

Another possibility is to make air freshener for car in the form of a scented ceramic figure to hang in the rearview mirror, make a bag of smell, or pour into a bottle with atomizer. So do not hesitate and buy in the online store Gran Velada.

Here you have everything you need to make car flavoring. We have the basic products and accessories that will help you give them a professional finish. In fact you can make them to set up a small entrepreneurship business.

In Gran Velada Mexico you have the materials you need to make air freshener for car in different formats. Also in our blogs we teach you step by step how they are made. Get down to work and make them with the aroma that you like the most!

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